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Advanced Tactics Gold Version 2.21g is now available!

The new TOE feature added to ATG just went gold: Matrix Games ATG news page

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Advanced Tactics explores new ground

Last week a new public beta for Advanced Tactics Gold has been released. It brings a big new feature to the game. The ‘New Dawn’ random games and custom scenarios can now use so called Tables of Organisation (TOE). A … Continue reading

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Does complexity define wargames? And are there any voids in wargame design?

The first part of the title of this post is the topic of a discussion question for my publishers Home of the Wargamers 2015 event. And in fact it is a very good question and one that should in my … Continue reading

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Case Blue is now for sale at Steam and Matrix!!

And that with a whopping 50% discount! To get it surf over to Matrix or to Steam. If you already own Case Blue and want to add it to your Steam library remember that Matrix gives free Steam keys to … Continue reading

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