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Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa is released!

DC:Barbarossa is now for sale over at Matrix Games. Click here for more information.

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Barbarossa Screenshot #5

Click to enlarge Showing the Soviets contemplating to send Zhukov south to try to stop the German-Romanian advance on the Black Sea coast.

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Warhol compilation of the 57th infantry division

First row: default mode, ownership shading, zoomed in Second row: minimalist nato, minimalist siluet, zoomed in minimalist Third row: siluets, zoomed in with siluets, zoomed out with siluets DC:Barbarossa has three settings for displaying your counters. First you can choose … Continue reading

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The long evolution of the Decisive Campaigns series

The upcoming game DC:Barbarossa is a very complete experience. It is a game build on top of a system and an engine that has been in the process of fine-tuning and improvement for a very long time. The evolution I … Continue reading

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