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Lets Play Advanced Tactics Gold

This just came to my attention. There is a new very informative 30+ part Advanced Tactics Gold Lets Play up on YouTube. Thanks to TortugaPower. Click here for the full play list of all the episodes.

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The Barbarossa Original Soundtrack

Please meet our musicians: Tempest for an Angel. Note that the game uses the instrumental version per default, but that you can switch on the vocals through the preferences tab. Click here for more information on Tempest for an Angel.

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The Monthly Metrics : December 2015

As many of you know I have been asking Barbarossa players to switch on the metrics switch so we can have a better idea how hard the game is for the average player. In this first Monthly Metrics post I’d … Continue reading

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Decisive Campaigns : Community Project now available!

If you own DC:Barbarossa you can now participate in the semi-open BETA of DC:Community Project. The Community Project is a separate game that uses the same engine but is configured to make scenario construction as easy as possible. Why a … Continue reading

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