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Decisive Campaigns : Community Project now available!

If you own DC:Barbarossa you can now participate in the semi-open BETA of DC:Community Project. The Community Project is a separate game that uses the same engine but is configured to make scenario construction as easy as possible. Why a … Continue reading

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A Night out on the Town with Ms. Logistics

If Logistics was a demure young lady you’d ask her out for a date. What kind of evening would you be in for? She’d be very precise. Very black and white. Utilitarian dresser, severe hair, sharpened incisors, full-on black rimmed, … Continue reading

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Holiday Sale!

Matrix Games is having their annual holiday sale and 3 VR titles are included. Still missing that one title? this might just be the perfect opportunity to order it. The following three VR titles are included in the sale: Advanced … Continue reading

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June development progress report

Doesn’t time just fly by? Well in game development it defenitely seems to do so. In June I mostly worked on the “new mystery project”. We are currently in the phase that I have started recruiting an art director and … Continue reading

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