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Discussing the feasibility of a battalion or company level game with the DC engine

Just sharing a link to a discussion on the Matrix forums. Lower level scale is an intriguing idea that would probably work well. Especially in a linked-scenario campaign setting. Also repeating something I posted in this thread: Potential game designers … Continue reading

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August development progress report

Hi guys. Well I’ll be able to keep this posting short. I took a few weeks of vacation with my significant other half and there is not so much to report. There was finally after a long testing period a … Continue reading

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May development progress report

I am a bit late with this report, but I do have some news! I have found a publisher for the new mystery title. So soon the veil of mystery will be lifted and some more information will then be … Continue reading

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February and March development progress report

Basically I worked quite a lot on the new mystery title. Still a long way to go, but making slow but good progress. Already got the early alpha version of the game running on Android tablet as well as PC. … Continue reading

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