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A first sneak-peak at the DC : Community Project editors

For those of you who missed it DC : Community Project is the planned extra game. Free of cost, but initially only for upcoming DC3:Barbarossa owners. Later it will probably be made available to DC1 and DC2 owners as well. … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of the Moon

First up thanks to all those people who responded to our call for Beta Testers. Not unexpectedly there has been some slippage in the schedule and February is looking more likely as a Beta kick-off. Still a happening event and … Continue reading

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The Proving Grounds

Decisive Campaigns III design blog #11 There has been a dearth of posts from me lately but rest assured I’ve been busy. While the game isn’t finished it’s now in a fully playable state. Vic and I have been PBEM’ing … Continue reading

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The editability offensive for DC3

Time to share the big push I am preparing. While Cameron Harris is actuality doing the design of the DC3 game I am investing some time in some engine improvements. One of the improvements I have been postponing to long … Continue reading

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