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August development progress report

Hi guys. Well I’ll be able to keep this posting short. I took a few weeks of vacation with my significant other half and there is not so much to report. There was finally after a long testing period a … Continue reading

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February and March development progress report

Basically I worked quite a lot on the new mystery title. Still a long way to go, but making slow but good progress. Already got the early alpha version of the game running on Android tablet as well as PC. … Continue reading

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3rd Party Scenario “Tannenbaum Blitz” arrives for Decisive Campaigns

I am happy to give some attention to this scenario that arrived today in the scenariobank. Congratulations and thanks to Mr Claus E. Füssel. He has created what looks like to be an excellent new scenario based on the hypothetical … Continue reading

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Operation Sealion after-action report

Two bloggers battle it out with Decisive Campaigns : Blitzkrieg. Check out the invasion of England in Operation Sealion between fogofwargames(Germany) and sugarfreegamer(UK). This is an excellent AAR! Taking the time to read is much advised.

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