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Why I love stacking and dropped it

One of the things that Shadow Empire will not have (much) is: stacking. For the uninitiated: stacking is the ability to put more than one unit in a hex. In my Decisive Campaigns and Advanced Tactics titles you can stack … Continue reading

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Discussing the feasibility of a battalion or company level game with the DC engine

Just sharing a link to a discussion on the Matrix forums. Lower level scale is an intriguing idea that would probably work well. Especially in a linked-scenario campaign setting. Also repeating something I posted in this thread: Potential game designers … Continue reading

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It’s poll time!

This would really just take a second of your time. Please tell me if you play your turn-based strategy games mostly against the AI or also against other human players. The results will be shown to you after you have … Continue reading

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July development progress report

I finished up my initial beta build of the DC3 Engine. I am now going to test it over the coming months with one or two potential new designers who are interested in teaming up with VR Designs to make … Continue reading

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