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Barbarossa developer notes #2: Where are the Vital Organs? We’ll be Operating Tomorrow

continued from developer notes #1 Which elements to Model? Determining which elements of Command and Leadership to represent isn’t easy. They are both fairly abstract concepts. How do you program into a game characters who may, or may not, be … Continue reading

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Barbarossa developer notes #1: What is Command?

Prior to release of our new game BARBAROSSA we are publishing a series of developer notes by designer Cameron Harris. Part 1 follows below, more parts will be posted in the coming days. The Last Commander I Met Was Made … Continue reading

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Does complexity define wargames? And are there any voids in wargame design?

The first part of the title of this post is the topic of a discussion question for my publishers Home of the Wargamers 2015 event. And in fact it is a very good question and one that should in my … Continue reading

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I Swore It Worked When I Last Looked At It

I have been remiss with my Blog posts of late but Beta Testing started in Late February and it’s been flat out ever since. We have an excellent team of testers who have taken the game to the cleaners, held … Continue reading

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