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Barbarossa Developer Notes #9: The Fiddly Bits

Micromanagement A lot of people equate micromanagement with depth, detail and decisions. Fair enough, but I’d take a different point of view. The presence of micromanagement, is to me, a failure in design. It’s something to be avoided at all … Continue reading

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Barbarossa Developer Notes #8: The Dark Side

Ethics and Morals In days of yore battles were fought by men chosen for the task in places specially selected to be well clear of everybody except the combatants. Slings were slung, spears were lunged and swords were clanged against … Continue reading

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Barbarossa Developer Notes #7: The Ends Justify the Means

continued from developer notes #6 Stalin Stalin provides a diametrically opposite command experience. This time it is the Player who dominates the command structure. There is no need to play politics when you are the alpha male, the top dog. … Continue reading

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The long evolution of the Decisive Campaigns series

The upcoming game DC:Barbarossa is a very complete experience. It is a game build on top of a system and an engine that has been in the process of fine-tuning and improvement for a very long time. The evolution I … Continue reading

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