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Discussing the feasibility of a battalion or company level game with the DC engine

Just sharing a link to a discussion on the Matrix forums. Lower level scale is an intriguing idea that would probably work well. Especially in a linked-scenario campaign setting. Also repeating something I posted in this thread: Potential game designers … Continue reading

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It’s poll time!

This would really just take a second of your time. Please tell me if you play your turn-based strategy games mostly against the AI or also against other human players. The results will be shown to you after you have … Continue reading

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July development progress report

I finished up my initial beta build of the DC3 Engine. I am now going to test it over the coming months with one or two potential new designers who are interested in teaming up with VR Designs to make … Continue reading

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The January development progress report

This month saw the new leader feature for Advanced Tactics Gold maturing. Beta patch ATG v2.14 has been released around end of January and this will very probably also become the next gold version. It seems the ATG leaders will … Continue reading

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