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Does complexity define wargames? And are there any voids in wargame design?

The first part of the title of this post is the topic of a discussion question for my publishers Home of the Wargamers 2015 event. And in fact it is a very good question and one that should in my … Continue reading

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I Swore It Worked When I Last Looked At It

I have been remiss with my Blog posts of late but Beta Testing started in Late February and it’s been flat out ever since. We have an excellent team of testers who have taken the game to the cleaners, held … Continue reading

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Advanced Tactics Gold directions… what do you think?

Just a quick post about Advanced Tactics development with an extensive poll at the end. I am building up enough small fixes and unofficial hot fixes to warrant an official beta patch sometime soon. Its crazy in my development agenda, … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of the Moon

First up thanks to all those people who responded to our call for Beta Testers. Not unexpectedly there has been some slippage in the schedule and February is looking more likely as a Beta kick-off. Still a happening event and … Continue reading

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