Officers for ATG random games

Here a quick preview screenshot of the patch 2.12 in progress. Its basically going to bring officers to the ATG random games. I am getting some great artwork help by Mike Gaffney. I think he really nailed the look of the officers and made them blend really well with the orginal Steve Ford artwork of the troops and equipment. The officers being layered graphics means that their uniform colors will match your regime color.

I am not going to give a firm ETA yet, but we hope to have a public beta out around christmas.

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3 Responses to Officers for ATG random games

  1. Jafele says:

    Excellent idea! It gives a human feeling to the game.


  2. emtom says:

    So how is it going to change the way that staff subformation works?

  3. vic says:


    Officers lead staff, staff leads troops.

    And on top of that officers can sometimes play an action card for some special effect.


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