A quick word on the new mystery project

Although I cannot say much about the next game engine I am working on I would like to say that progress is going slow but good. I think I have been on it now for 2 months and I feel like I have something really special on my hands if it all works out as I envision. It just has a good feeling to it. And I think its important the simple things feel right: Moving your units, doing attacks, etc… So far I have mostly been working on engine stuff like 3D card accelerated 2D graphics, animation and all sort of basic coding. Today I was working on seemless PBEM replays and AI turn watching. I am trying to get an alpha version as quick as possible, then get more people on board, first some graphics people and as quickly as possible some alpha testers. I try to focus on the basics of the engine, GUI and gameplay first and then move to detailing everything. Again excuse me for not telling much about the gameplay itself, but I want to make some more progress first.

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