It’s poll time!

This would really just take a second of your time. Please tell me if you play your turn-based strategy games mostly against the AI or also against other human players.
The results will be shown to you after you have selected an answer in the poll.

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Do you ever play turn-based strategy games against other human players?

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One Response to It’s poll time!

  1. Mrswargamer says:

    Voted on the poll and selected Lan Internet as it seemed the predominant reply for me.

    But I had an urge to ask you to maybe mention you mean specifically computer turn based strategy games.

    I actually prefer to play board games, and that carries over into my computer gaming.
    I tend to consider a computer game just a space friendly board game, and in most cases I play both sides in a solo format, essentially playing hot seat mode as both ‘humans’ any time the game is worth the effort.

    I don’t mind playing the AI in non serious wargames though.
    I would for instance play the AI in Small General, maybe not in Advanced Tactics, but most definitely would not in something significant like the more epic scope wargames our hobby has.

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