Adv. Tactics Gold

ATAdvanced Tactics Gold is a major revision of old Advanced Tactics. All scenarios and saved games from old Advanced Tactics are loadable by Advanced Tactics Gold game.

Advanced Tactics Gold extends the Advanced Tactics game into new territories like alliances and resources. Also the game interface has been redone and a full new graphics set has been added. Advanced Tactics Gold was released in early april 2011.

Advanced Tactics Gold won the Wargame of the Year 2011 Silver Award (editors choice) on the

To buy the game or to get more info check the Matrix Games product page.

Also visit the community website to download and upload scenarios.

Furhermore you can check the most recent version of the rules on the wiki.


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  1. xzoroastro says:

    Can convert easily old mods (Advanced Tactis), to the new game?

  2. vic says:

    Yes ATG should be able to read all old scenarios created with AT.


  3. Adam Rinkleff says:

    Is there a demo? You can’t seriously expect someone to purchase the software based purely off screenshots?

  4. vic says:

    Hi Adam,

    Actually at the moment we do.
    However a few of my players pointed out that the freeware game People’s Tactics gives a good idea of basic gameplay, though its gotten really old now.

    best regards,

  5. Adam Rinkleff says:

    Well, I’m interested in the software, and I’ll look at People’s Tactics, but I’ve been burned by too many unfinished and poorly designed games to buy anything without a compelling demo.

  6. Adam Rinkleff says:

    At the very least can you give me some detail on how this game improves upon Total Operational Art of War? I thought that program had so much potential, and yet it failed in some critical ways which the designers never addressed.

  7. Adam Rinkleff says:

    One thing I see missing in People’s Army is an option to change the intensity of an attack. I thought that was one of the realistic aspects of TOAW, the ability to differentiate between limited, normal, and “at all costs” attacks and defenses. If its not in ATG, surely it could be easily added with a patch?

  8. vic says:


    Concerning TOAW you might find this forum thread interesting:


  9. Allan Faidley says:

    This may not be appropriate place for question. Two years ago or so I bought ATG, enjoyed it greatly, then was seperated from my computer. When I tried using my original Disc to reinstall the game, it won’t accept the serial numbers. Any Help greatly appreciated. Allan Faidley

  10. gcbisset says:

    I just noticed in the Matrix Forum that it is possible to edit saved games if you set the scenario to this. That means that ATG can be used as the campaign game for a strategic/tactical game (the tactical part could be done with miniatures or another pc game)

    I think you could sell more games if miniature players were aware of this and you promoted it. There are also people who might like to use ATG as the strat half of a game where they are using another pc game for the tactical battles.

    Just to be clear, what I do is I play a strategic game until a battle is generated, then I save the game. I play the battle with miniatures, then go back into the strat game and edit it to conform to the results of the tactical game.

    I currently can use Triple-A for this, but I think your map editor is better, so I now will
    start making my own maps for ATG.

    Anyone interested in this kind of thing is welcome to email me at gcbisset@gmail

    Thanks for all your work and the open design of ATG!


  11. gcbisset says:


    Even better would be to have a feature that asks players if theyd like to input their battle results or use the normal ATG one, but the ability to edit saved games is sufficient.

  12. vic says:

    Hi gcbisset,

    Take note that the loading a saved game feature is a debug feature and is not properly configured to allow changing a running game and continueing play.

    Best wishes,

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